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President: Mervis Reissig - (310) 944-0191
Vice President: Rosemary Walters - (310) 372-9263
Secretary: Laural Purinton - 310-673-3425
Treasurer: Connie Carroll - (310) 372-0569
Caller Scheduler: Doug Purinton
Set-up Chairman: LeRoy Herold
Publicity: Carl & Ruth Green
Newsletter: John & Barbara Taylor
A-Square-D Delegate: Doug and Laural Purinton
Alternate: OPEN
Special Services: Mervis Reissig
Alternate: OPEN
Sheriff: Lois Jones
Historian: Ruth & Carl Green
Class Coordinator Team: Heather Chaney - leader, Mervis Reissig and Barbara Taylor
Facilities Coordinator: Doug Purinton
Call Person: Marilyn Keller
Sunshine Lady: Margaret Chaney
Webmaster: Philip Alfandary - (310) 545-1568
Contact Information
Club and Class Information
Club Officers/Key People
If you have questions about the club or classes please call:
Class: Heather Chaney - 310-371-6572
Dances: Doug Purinton - 310-673-3425