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Why Square Dance?

Enjoy dancing, meeting other people, and good music.

Meet new people and see how square dancing has led to lifelong friendships.

Dancing will keep you moving physically and mentally.  Check with your physician before beginning any new exercise activity, square dancing included.

Learning and dancing the calls helps exercise your memory and cognitive functions.

A great diverse collection of music is used to accompany the caller.  You are sure to recognize many of the songs.

Dancers are part of a club community, get to meet others in nearby clubs and can expand their horizons globally if they desire.

Calls can be combined in a nearly infinite number of ways, allowing the caller to challenge dancers to listen carefully.  But all the dances are a combination of defined calls so if you know the individual calls you just have to follow the caller’s instructions in sequence.  Higher programs above the Plus level introduce additional calls and formations.

Good clean fun!

Square dancing is done worldwide so there is ample opportunity to include square dancing in your travel plans or to plan your travel around square dancing.