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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern square dancing is a form of dance where groups of eight people work together to dance a sequence of moves, known as calls.

The caller sings the song and provides the calls that provide a pattern for the choreography of the dance.

Classes are offered by Boots and Bows.  The classes are taught by an expert caller instructor and provide an introduction to square dancing.  

No.  If you can do any other style of dancing you can easily learn to square dance.  

Yes, there are videos and computer program that can supplement a class but there is no substitute for going through a class.

The calls have evolved over many years and are occasionally modified. The calls are standardized and published by CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers.

Yes.  All we ask is that you are considerate of others.

Dancers who have completed a Basic/Mainstream and Plus level class are welcome to apply for membership in the Boots and Bows.

There are many places to dance in the local area.  Our club puts on Plus level dances once a month.  We also visit other neighboring clubs.  There are conventions at the regional, state, national and international levels for people who enjoy travel.  Club and local visitation dances are listed in our club calendar and newsletters.

Women normally wear: Western skirts with petticoats or pioneer skirts, and comfortable dance shoes.

Men: Western shirts with pants or jeans and comfortable shoes or boots.  Bolo or western tie is optional.

Everyone wears a name badge to identify them and their club affiliation to other dancers.

In hot climates, normal square dance attire is sometimes suspended for cooler, more comfortable clothes in the summertime.