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Boots and Bows Square Dancing Welcome to the Boots and Bows site

Most of our dances are held at the plus level.  A few special dances are held at the student class level.   Our dances also feature round dancing.

Square Dancers in Motion

Square dancing provides a healthy low-impact aerobic form of exercise.  As with any new form of exercise, ask your doctor if square dancing is appropriate for you.

Square Dancers of All Ages

People of all ages enjoy square dancing. There are Square Dance Festivals and competitions for teens. Dancers come from all walks of life. You can be a part of this community.  We provide classes to jumpstart your dancing proficiency and membership in this community.

We dance at the plus level. What is square dancing?

American square dancing has roots in several earlier forms of American and European dance.  Groups of eight people work together from a starting square formation and perform the dance moves directed by the square dance caller.  Many examples can be found on YouTube.

About Square Dancing

People from all walks of life enjoy and support square dancing.  Local clubs like the Boots and Bows are the  lifeblood of square dancing.  State, regional, national and international organizations contribute by supporting square dancing and making large square dancing conventions possible.

Clubs & Other Organizations

Square dancing is easy to learn and offers increasingly challenging dance moves to those wanting to learn more.  After the basic/mainstream and plus moves are mastered there are additional advanced and challenge calls to learn.  Give it a try and see how much fun you can have dancing.

As Easy or as Challenging as You Want


Our classes are the perfect way to learn to square dance.  They are taught by an expert instructor with years of experience teaching beginners and experienced dancers.  At the conclusion of the class you will have learned all the basic, mainstream, and plus calls. Most of the dances in Southern California are at the plus level so the class will open up many opportunities to dance and meet new friends.

Classes are fun, provide lots of practice, and let you meet lots of new people.  Helpful experienced dancers called “angels” are there to help you learn.   You do not need to have a partner.  Come by yourself or bring along some friends for a fun inexpensive evening of entertainment and learning.

Advantages of square dancing

We are a non-profit educational organization in the Los Angeles South Bay area devoted to helping people learn and enjoy modern square dancing.  Do you like music and dancing?  We offer beginner’s classes. No experience necessary!  Before you know it you will be dancing like a star.

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