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The First Year
The Boots& Bows club was started in 1956. This excerpt from the Historian's scrapbook for the first year was written by Les and Betty Porges.

"Boots and Bows Square Dance Club had its beginning as a class on October 15, 1955 under the instruction of Leo Lambert. The Williams Anderson PTA of Lawndale sponsored the class as an adult education group. Five squares of dancers were graduated on March 17, 1956 to become charter members of the newly formed club known as the Boots and Bows of Lawndale . There were 10 squares in attendance to see the club presented with their Associated Square Dance charter #340 by Blackie Blackman, who was the Fourth District Director of A.S.D. districts. Elmer Levitt was our Deputy Director.

The first big event for the beginners was the annual March of Dimes Dance of 1956. Several squares of the beginners' class attended after only ten weeks of lessons. It was a ball to be out with other dancers and it really gave a lift to our square dancing. After graduation the club was active in visiting many local clubs and in enjoying its own dances. An event which further bound the close friendships in the club was the attendance of several members at the National Convention held in San Diego in June of 1956.

The beginning of summer found things rough for the young club. Interest and attendance reached a very low point. Two squares in attendance was a discouraging outlook for a successful club with one hundred dollars in the treasury.

It was a big temptation to spend the money in the treasury on a big party and then go on our way, but we resisted the idea. The officers of the club decided that engaging other callers might stimulate interest in the dances. Boots and Bows have always been an independent group, ready to accept new ideas and free from the influence of persons outside of the club in making decisions. Perhaps
this is the reason for the club's success.

The policy of engaging a variety of callers was off to a good start with the dance called by Larry Ward on June 30. A delighted crowd of 12 squares started a trend of dancing with the Boots and Bows. The parade of callers that followed that successful event included Slim Brought, Max Wolf, Fenton Jones, Frankie Frankenberger, Vera Baerg, Wayne Donhoff and many others. Their calling brought dancers from all over the southern area to Will Rogers School in Lawndale to dance with us.

With this sudden popularity, membership in the club increased by two squares in as many months. At first we alternated callers with Leo Lambert but soon adopted a policy of engaging a different caller every week. The next stop was to add live music. Trixie and Bill were the team to provide live music for us for eight months. A high point of the Fall was our first Halloween Costume dance with Larry Ward doing the spook calling routine. Fifteen squares rattled their bones that night at this party which was planned with the Who Did Its.

The last eventful dance of the year was in November when we were lucky enough to have Bob Van Antwerp call for us. This was a really wonderful dance with seventeen squares filling the hall almost to capacity."